Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thought baseball in Japan was weird? Next up Baseball Woodstock

The Red Sox now return to Spring Training mode until they resume the season on Tuesday in Oakland.

The Red Sox will play 3 games in Los Angeles over the weekend but Saturday night promises to be as strange if not stranger than Toyko. They will play the Dodgers at the stadium that Los Angeles played in when they moved from Brooklyn 50 years ago.

The largest crowd ever to see a baseball game is expected as over 115,000 tickets have been sold.
This game is the brainchild of Dr. Charles Steinberg, the Dodgers’ executive vice president for marketing and public relations who left the Red Sox to go Hollywood.

If left field looks a little short well it is as it will be 201 feet down the line ( 109 feet less than Fenway )

The game will be on NESN at 10:30 PM Saturday night.

NY Times offers a sneak peak
201 Feet to Left, 440 Feet to Right: Dodgers Play the Coliseum

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