Tuesday, March 11, 2008

‘not clear on the concept’ department

Last week I started having problems with a new cell phone as it was having problems keeping a charge. The Sprint store at Copley told me to leave the phone and come back in an hour. When i returned they said the phone was defective and they gave me an extra battery and said they would CALL ME when the new phone came in.

Today I get a postcard saying my phone was in. No call...a postcard. So when I went in to pick it up I meekly ask "You were suppose to call me but didn't"

His reply ...... "I'm sorry. We didn't know the number."

Now for any other business I could just shrug this off but this is MY phone company. How could they simply not go to the computer and call up my name and get the phone number instead of sending a post card???!!!!?????

and then wonder why they are churning customers at a record rate.

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