Thursday, March 6, 2008

Boston TV time machine via YOU TUBE

Amazing what you can find on You Tube.

Here are some clips from Boston TV of years ago. It does beg the question on why
  • anybody would have taped these things
  • and kept them for all these years

WGBH Boston Channel 2 - William Pierce Sign-On, 1986
Back in the days when TV stations were not on 24/7 they would have a special sign-on/off tape made. This is a classic from WGBH. Many people would watch it to hear a haunting harpsichord musical selection.

Flashback: Interview with Major Mudd
WCVB Reporter Bill Harrington with a tribute to legendary Boston television personality "Major Mudd"...

Willie Whistle Clown From WSBK Boston

"New England, the Pat'riots and We" as seen on WVJV

This is bad on so many levels.When the Patriots were in their first Super Bowl in 1986, Morgan White, Jr decided the Patriots needed a music video like the Chicago Bears. First aired on channel 66 when they played music videos.

WCVB-TV 5 Sportscenter 5 "I Like Mike" Promo

Mike Lynch thought all these tapes were erased...nope

WNEV-TV first revamped newscast 1982

One of the biggest disasters in Boston TV history. WNEV-TV came on the air after replacing disgraced WNAC-TV and they were going to change the way we watched TV news in Boston. They assembled the dream team of Tom Ellis ( who had been on Chs 4 and 5 ) and Robin Young who was the popular host of Evening Magazine on ch 4. It was a disaster the station never recovered from.

The clip below was a promotional campaign that Channel 4 used in the late 1970's.

If you were around then you more than likely still know the words to it.

More later....I will keep searching so you don't have to.

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Anonymous said...

It also begs the question why you'd "keep searching so you don't have to."

Way too much time on your hands, dude.