Thursday, March 20, 2008

forgotten Boston TV commercials

another look back at what we used to see on TV

Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day 1970

Tip O'Neill - Bob Uecker - Miller Lite - Boston 1988

Jay Leno for the Boston Globe - 1986

Celtics for Bradlees early 1970's

Jordan Marsh - 1986

Alf on the 1986 World Series

Dukakis for Governor 1986

Remember WCLB radio? didn't think so


eileen said...

I love these! Thanks for the links:)

Bruce Hershey said...

Brings back old memories! I really liked the old commercials that you posted here. They remind me of my teens when we used to live in Boston. The Celtics commercial and others reminds me of the highlights of my youth.

Today, a lot of commercials are made by a video production company. Toronto where I currently reside, have an interesting array of television campaigns. I noticed that video production companies (Vancouver and other parts of the world) have largely innovated to come up with more advanced means of attracting their target audience.

Hope to see more of the 'good old stuff' in your blog. Thanks!