Thursday, November 19, 2009

Proof Tom Yawkey was a racist

Red Sox historian Glenn Stout has discovered an article in Sports
Illustrated from 1965 that proves Tom Yawkey was a racist and it is direct quotes from Yawkey that convict him. MAG1077374/1index.htm

"They blame me," Yawkey says, "and I'm not even a Southerner. I'm from Detroit ." Yawkey remains on his South Carolina fief until May because Boston weather before then is too much for his sensitive sinuses. "I have no feeling against colored people," he says. "I employ a lot of them in the South. But they are clannish, and when that story got around that we didn' t want Negroes they all decided to sign with some other club. Actually, we scouted them right along, but we didn't want one because he was a Negro. We wanted a ballplayer."

Stout posted on his blog yesterday

Red Sox fans over the age of 50 certainly were suspect in their
feelings about Yawkey but this should settle the debate once and for