Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thank You New York Yankees ( Yup I typed that )

On Sunday evening I took my teenage son to Yankee Stadium so he could experience all that The Stadium in The Bronx can offer ( the history, the smells, the garbage etc )

I had bought the tickets months ago from and chose the will-call option. After waiting in line nearly 30 minutes at the window I gave the clerk my ID and confirmation from Ticketmaster.


Of course I asked for the ticket manager and after about 10 minutes I was told to go into the lobby of the Yankees offices. At this point I was waiting for George Constanza to appear.

I did get some dirty looks as both of us were dressed as Boston fans.

The manager could not have been nicer and explained that somehow my tickets had been resold even though he could see that the credit card had been charged and i had a confirmation.

He then gave me 2 seats that were about as close to home plate as possible AND gave me $100 in Yankees dollars to use for concessions including beer. ( $ 8.50 for Coors Light and I thought Fenway was bad )

Sorry it took me a few days to post this but i was having trouble downloading pictures from my phone ( had to get a new USB cable )

So I just want to pass on that the Yankees could not have handled the situation nicer.

Flying to Chicago O'Hare??? USE MIDWAY IN JULY or else.....

Just a heads up for anybody planning to fly to Chicago O'Hare for the next few weeks.

The CTA ( Chicago Transit Authority ) has shut down 4 miles of track that connect O'Hare Field with the rest of the L system in the city.

Passengers have to take shuttle buses to cover the 4 miles.

Those who don't want to deal with a shuttle bus can expect to pay $40-50 for a cab.

The Chicago Tribune has more.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Never thought this day would come

Using my laptop at a Back Bay bar (Pour House on Boylston)

When Tampa took the lead Wednesday night suddenly the entire bar was chanting TAMPA SUCKS.

Wondering how long before the website and t-shirts appear as we have to face facts.

Tampa Bay is for real
What the heck is that mascot supposed to be????