Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Never thought this day would come

Using my laptop at a Back Bay bar (Pour House on Boylston)

When Tampa took the lead Wednesday night suddenly the entire bar was chanting TAMPA SUCKS.

Wondering how long before the website and t-shirts appear as we have to face facts.

Tampa Bay is for real
What the heck is that mascot supposed to be????


Maura said...

Good Gawd this can't be happening

What happened to the lovable Tampa Bay Fighting Seaweed

at least we have an easy weekend ahead in The Bronx

I need a drink

Mark said...

Tampa Bay?????

Well at least the Yankees are behind us.

Anonymous said...

Clearly we can mourn the death of the automatic 'W' when you play the Rays- I supect it has something to do with the exorcism....the qustion now is the Rays for real for real, or are the Colorado Rockies for real. Remember the Rockies cleaned our clocks at home, and their fans were rejoicing when they drew the RS in the series

Anonymous said...

He's furry manta ray.

Hopefully Bostonians will eventually realize that their egos and the Red Sox are two different things.

Boston: the city of bandwagon fans.

Anonymous said...

HMMM do you think it's ego's or just the fact that Boston teams have posted 6 championships since 2001??? Think before you speak partnaa this is Beantown!

Anonymous said...

The Red Sox are lacking that special "spark" that propels a team to a championship. The Sox have lost numerous one-run games (just in the last week), a sure sign of a team NOT destined to win the pennant. The Rays have the spark this season.