Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red Sox owner John W. Henry tries to win over Liverpudlians

Fascinating interview

<a href=";brand=foxsports&amp;playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:fd1240b3-4646-4676-ac8a-4e299e1dce9e&amp;showPlaylist=true&amp;from=IV2_en-us_foxsports_videosearch&amp;fg=RAMP" target="_new" title="SSP: Interview with John W. Henry">Video: SSP: Interview with John W. Henry</a>

One Livepool fan responds

Portrait of our principal owner

Overall John Henry comes across as a very clever man. His body language is always presenting a reserved, relaxed and thoughtful character that seems to understand the psychology of the Liverpool fanbase. A psychology which incorporates decades of achievement and expectation with the distasteful experiences wrought by our previous owners. Our new owners can only say the right thing if they know what we expect from them and considering this interview it is clear that FSG are at least listening to the fans. Only time will tell whether they become the saviours that they position themselves to be but I, for one, will be giving them the benefit of the doubt. So when John Henry says “you just gave me Goosebumps” as a reply to a question about Liverpool winning the Premier League I will believe him and take it as a sign that there is more than a desire for profit in this man’s heart.

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