Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tax Break To Widen BULLPEN???? Fenway Park snafu smells more rotten than Boston Harbor

On Thursday the Boston Herald ran a story saying that the Red Sox have for now postponed a proposal to widen the bullpens in right field and thus move in the fences.

The story explains why
But the Red Sox struck out with the Massachusetts Historical Commission , which determined the project would not score a special tax break.
Historical Commission director Brona Simon said in a letter to the Red Sox that widening the bullpen fails to meet the eligibility criteria for federal historic rehabilitation standards. As a result, she wrote, the Sox would not win tax credits.

I was over at Fenway last week and the park is a beehive of activity as major work is being done to the grandstand in right field and the videoboard above the bleachers is being replaced with a new larger HD model.


In the scheme of things I would thing simplay widening the bullpen would not be that expensive as it would be not much more than moving in the fences. The Red Sox need a tax break for that?

The old video board is now history and they are starting to install the new framework for the new HD boards.

The structure for the previous board was built after the 1975 World Series and the board was updated twice - it became color in 1988 and then replaced with a new model in 2001.

Notice the Ford and Dunkin' Donuts signs are gone for now as is the John Hancock sign which will return.

Seriously - A tax break for a new bullpen????

Anyhow - TRUCK DAY is one month away (February 8th)

Of course looking ahead - that is the Tuesday after the final NFL Game of the season will be played in Arlington, Texas - so could Truck Day meet a Duck Boat Parade?

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