Thursday, May 29, 2008

Why do Celtics fans love 'Gino'???????

OK I don't even want to pretend I understand this love affair Celtics fans at the Garden have with Gino.

You don't know who Gino is????? Well Bob Ryan explains

To me disco was a bad dream. I swear every woman I knew in the late 70's owned a copy of Saturday Night Fever and listened to KISS 108 when it was a disco outlet.

Now 30 years later when GINO appears on the Garden scoreboard it means the game is safely in control ( wonder when he showed up last night )

I suppose it could be worse....the Celtics could have used 'Hey Mickey' by Toni Basil which to me sums up the 80's.

So I will never complain about Sweet Caroline ever again.

I have heard the Celtics have tried to find him so he can dance live in the Garden during the finals ( hopefully next Thursday ) but no luck as of yet.

If you have never been to a Celtics game here is what it looks like on the scoreboard...UGH

but right now I want to see him dancing until June :)


lara said...

There's some chatter on YouTube by a gal named discoqueen, claiming there's a "surprise" is in the works. She revealed his real name is Sam Alessi. So he may have been located. They're probably knicking him back into shape.

What I like about the Gino phenomenon is it's also selling Gino Tshirts and hats benefiting local Boys and Girls Clubs:

Anonymous said...

hi,his name is not sam alessi, but we have found him. sam happened to look like "gino"..i did change the you tube post....stay tuned! ;o)