Saturday, May 10, 2008

NESN scorebox change is driving me nuts

Anybody who watches Red Sox games on NESN is familar with the box at the top of the screen that shows all the game information. However for some reason this season they are only showing the information when they use the center field camera. As soon as the ball is put into play the score box vanishes. Are they insane?
The other night I was clicking back and forth between the Red Sox and Celtics game and because of this change I had to wait 20 seconds to find out the score.
A have talked to a couple of bartenders and they said their customers hate it as since the sound is not always on the game they need the scorebox to keep track of what is going on. As far as I can tell no other team is doing this.
Anybody else bothered by this?


DF said...

I noticed this as well and I do not like it. I generally do not watch NESN with an umpire's ball & strike tracker, so I rely on them to keep that info displayed at all times. Not sure why they would do this. But at least they removed the annoying sounds that chime when a run scores and the swoosh sound when someone pitches over 95mph.

Don't like this. Not a bit.

Anonymous said...

I hate every second the HUD is not up on screen. I think they should show it every second of the broadcast. Not just when someone is getting a pitch, but when the ball is in play, when there's a mound conference, when they're showing Wally in the stands, during commercials.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you guys. I do not like that switch, but that is not the major switch I would like to discuss here. How about how they have changed the camera angle from behind the mound? NOW the pitcher is in the center of the screen instead of off-centered to the lower left portion. I can't stand the change and I do not like that prospective from Fenway Park. Save that for the newer parks. The off-centered view was much better (maybe because we are used to it) but to change like that during the season, I am not a fan of the move. If you do not have a pitcher that falls off the mound, i feel you have a worse prespective of the pitch, the batter and ball flight. Any thoughts?
Anyone else notice this? you would probably have to wait until they return home to view this but I'm sure others will also notice it. It is just a bad view in my opinion much like the single camera use of the HUD.

Anonymous said...

Worse: How Fox does the box. It updates it as soon as the ball is hit.

Suppose there's a runner on first and a ball is hit in the gap. You hear the announcer's excitement, and look up to see the situation. As soon as the ball was hit, Fox moves the runner on first to second, and the batter to first, leading the viewer to think the ball was hit in the gap with runners on first and second. But no one comes around to score.

The box should not show a runner on second base until the runner actually gets to second base.

Do any others do this?

Dirty Water said...

Thank goodness NESN listened to the fans..everything back to normal now

Mickey said...

Thank you for showing the game but info during the whole game. It's much appreciated