Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When Downtown Crossing had Christmas Magic

When I was a child growing up in the late 1950's, the area now known as Downtown Crossing was magical starting the day after Thanksgiving and people came from all over New England to see the sights.

                Jordan Marsh had this huge Nativity scene on their facade on Summer Street.

        Windows at Jordan's along Washington Street rivaled anything you could find in Manhattan

                   Washington St near Franklin was the home of Raymond's Department Store
                   Jordan's arch rival Filene's also went all out with windows that would dazzle

The Boston Common went all out as well - these decorations were holdovers from when James Michael Curley was the Mayor and he wanted to remind the State House that Boston was very Catholic.

This is a small part of the Boston that existed in the years after World War II.

I would like to thank the MIT Rotch Library for allowing me to share these photos with you.

Their entire collection of Boston circa 1955-64 is on Flickr. It captures Boston of that era.


Anonymous said...

Wow these are really great pictures.

The Guy said...

Too bad for everyone who moved out to the suburbs and/or started driving their cars to suburban malls...and abandoned these great stores...and complained about people abandoning these stores.

Suldog said...

As someone who loved downtown during Christmas when I was a kid, this was truly a treat. Thank you!

PragmaticAmerican said...

Now THAT was a great flashback. Thanks!

Lisa said...

Thank you for this! Love these pictures!

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