Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NO! NO! NO! Leave Fenway Park playing field as it is

On Tuesday the Red Sox announced some major changes in the park for the 2011 season.

The team will install not one but THREE new HD Scoreboards over the bleachers

But the team also said there is a good chance that new bullpens will be built in right-center and they would be 6-8 feet closer to home plate and also the right field corner past Pesky Pole would be move closer to install more box seats past the foul pole.


The playing field has not seen any major changes since 1975 when the flagpole was moved behind the CF fence and CF was reduced to 379 feet from 390. In 1940 the bullpens we know were installed simply to help Ted Williams hit more home runs.

Mike Silverman in the Boston Herald echoes my thoughts exactly.

Death Valley in right-center has been a part of Fenway lore for decades and it is part of what makes Fenway special.

So to John Henry, Tom Wener and Larry Lucchino I ask that you bite the bullet. If you need to expand the bullpens then simply knock out 2 or 3 rows of the bleachers. I am sure you can make up the lost seating there somewhere on the roof.

This ownership has done a fantastic job in rebuilding Fenway Park. In 2000 under John Harrington the park was ready to fall down and it was in the same kind of condition that Comiskey Park in Chicago and Tiger Stadium in Detroit had become ( both of which are long gone now )

Fenway will be around now for another 30-40 years and we will be spared the heartbreak of seeing it torn down like we did with Boston Garden in the late 90's.

However PLEASE leave the field as is.

Thanks from an old fan.

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