Thursday, June 12, 2008

UPDATE: Boston loses 3-2 to Cubs

The Chicago Cubs defeated the Boston Braves 3-2 this afternoon at Wrigley


At 2:20 Eastern time tomorrow the Boston Braves take the field at Wrigley Field in Chicago to play the Cubs. Tomorrow marks 60 years of Cubs baseball on WGN-TV in Chicago and the teams will wear 1948 uniforms. The Atlanta players will wear a hat with the letter B and the famed Wrigley scoreboard will say BOSTON instead of ATLANTA

Select concessions (NOT BEER) will be sold at 1948 prices.

The Braves played at what is now known as Nickerson Field at BU and a small part of the old Braves Field is still used today. The park was much bigger than Fenway but was hampered by being next to the old New York Central railroad yards that would blow smoke into the seats.

WBZ announcer Steve LeVeille has a tribute website for the long forgotten Braves.

Had the Braves not left in 1953 for Milwaukee it is quite possible that in a few years they would have become more popular than the Red Sox as they went on to win 2 pennants and a World Series in Milwaukee led by a young slugger known as Henry Aaron.

Today we might be fans of Boston Braves Nation.


Maureen said...

I never knew the Braves played in Boston.

The Old Roman said...

As a White Sox fan this maybe the first time I will root for a 'Boston' team

Bostonians have no idea how hated they are in most of the country. You have become worse than New York.

Anonymous said...

Oh...we know how hated we are. That is the price we pay for being good at what we do and the rest of the country being sore losers.

minutemen1775 said...

Well, strictly speaking, WE'RE not necessarily good at what WE do. Millionaire athletes who wear uniforms bearing our city/area's name have been exceptionally good at what THEY do recently, as have the General Managers of the teams in question. I'm proud of our teams and the players... not so proud of the drunken, entitled bandwagon who send the message: "all Bostonians are a-holes" to the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

Oh, really, Old Roman? I've lived in several different metropolitan areas before moving to Boston and wherever I went I found plenty of Red Sox fans.

Someone's bitter and bitchy today!

The Old Roman said...


Being swept by the Murder City Kitties will do that.

Truth is if Boston such a great place why are there so many ex-Bostonians everywhere?

Anonymous said...

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