Sunday, April 6, 2008

Guess who's coming to dinner?

The good news is the Bruins are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time in 4 years.

The bad news is they are playing Club de hockey Canadien who they have played 8 times this year and did not win a single game.

The Canadiens are the Yankees of hockey and usually a playoff meeting between the 2 teams does not bode well for Boston. The series will mark the 31st time Montreal and the Bruins have met in the playoffs over the course of their bitter 84-year rivalry. The Canadiens have enjoyed the upper hand, to say the least, with Montreal holding a 23-7 series edge over Boston.

The last time the teams met was 4 years ago when Montreal rallied from being down 1-3 to win the series in Game 7 at the new Garden. The series also had an ugly side to it when Montreal fans booed the United States anthem before the first 2 games in Montreal. All of Canada wondered how the Boston fans would react. It was a wonderful moment.

Just like the rivalry with the Yankees there have been some major Boston disasters but none bigger than this night in Montreal in 1979.

Coming just months after the Bucky Dent game Boston fans were jumping off the Mystic Bridge in record numbers.

Word comes this morning that Montreal fans are buying tickets like crazy for the games in Boston so expect an invasion of québécois to Boston. 4 years ago there was a major brawl at the Pour House in the Back Bay when a bunch of Montreal fans starting singing their team song loudly and taunting the heartbroken Boston fans.

"Halte là! Halte là! Halte là!
Les Canadiens, Les Canadiens!
Halte là! Halte là! Halte là!
Les Canadiens sont là!
Les Ca-Na-Diens; Les Ca-Na-Diens.... Sont... là!!!!"

Expect more of the same the next 2 weeks.


Phyllis said...

You don't need a hockey crowd to have a brawl at the Pour House. The city has been trying to shut the dump down for years.

Word is they will be closing the end of June. Hooray

Anonymous said...

bartender at Catcus Club says Pour House is gone the end of May

Nobody will miss it